I wonder who’s at the watering hole?

africam.jpg   Ever since a friend sent me a link to africam.com, I’ve been hooked. This is a webcam that shows Nkorho Pan, a watering hole in South Africa. The site includes sound and is on day and night. I have seen and heard birds and insects, bats, a lightning storm, the moon shining on the water, a group (herd?) of antelope, some water buffalo (bison?), an elephant, a turtle, a monkey, some insects feasting on a very large spider, and more.

The controller of the special night-sensitive camera is located in the bar of the Nkorho Bush Lodge (see above photograph) and the panning is controlled by one of the staff. Infrared spotlights enable us to see the wildlife at night.  (Thanks to Campbell Scott for the information and the photograph, which appears here with his permission.)

Be sure to turn up your sound, and click on the little square for a full screen view.

From the Web site:
Nkorho Pan is a natural water hole in the prestigious Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, in South Africa. Nkorho Pan is named after Nkorho Bush Lodge which gets it name from the Shangaan derivative for the call of the yellow-billed hornbill, a common and unusual looking bird from this area.

You can support Africam by subscribing to the various levels of services.


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