Research Review Service for Chiropractors: Dr. Shawn Thistle

shawn_thistle.jpg    The December 2006 issue of Canadian Chiropractor includes an article about Dr. Shawn Thistle’s Research Review Service. I recommend this weekly review service to any chiropractor interested in staying up to date with current research. On my blog I tell you about the existence of newly published research, but Dr. Thistle critically appraises this research. (Read a couple of sample reviews and find out how how to register.)

Here is an excerpt from the Canadian Chiropractor article:

While attending various seminars, conferences and courses after graduating, Thistle heard repeatedly from his colleagues about how difficult it was to find time to browse relevant journals, not to mention read pertinent articles. With hundreds of journals publishing thousands of articles every year, there seemed to be a general sense of “falling behind” or not being able to “stay current.” Furthermore, only some of these articles are relevant to chiropractic and manual medicine, and isolating the important ones can be extremely laborious. Thistle recognized a distinct disconnect between emerging science and practising clinicians. …

By scanning more than 50 chiropractic, physical therapy and medical journals, Thistle hopes to assist the busy clinician by removing some of the burden of staying current, while increasing the awareness about interesting and significant studies. He spends an estimated 15 to 20 hours per week searching tables of contents and reading papers. Fortunately, this is something he enjoys doing. Acknowledging that nothing can replace continuing education, he hopes the service will bridge a knowledge gap to help practising doctors gain exposure to recent literature. Subscribing is a short and simple process, and payment can be handled either offline or online with PayPal. A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued.


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