Code for Interactions with Companies (CMSS)

In April 2010, the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) announced the release of the CMSS Code for Interactions with Companies. The code provides detailed guidance to medical specialty societies on appropriate interactions with for-profit companies in the health care sector:
Council of Medical Specialty Societies. Code for Interactions with Companies. Chicago: CMSS, 2010
 From the press release:
The code includes seven core principles and detailed guidance on implementation. The principles cover the following key areas:

Conflicts of Interest:
Develop and publicly post policies and procedures to disclose and manage conflicts of interest among those who participate in society activities (e.g., medical meetings, clinical practice guidelines, scientific journals).

Financial Disclosure:
Publicly disclose donations and support received from for-profit companies in the health sector, and disclose Board members’ financial and uncompensated relationships with companies.

Independent Program Development:
Develop and make publicly available policies and procedures that ensure that educational programs, advocacy positions, and research grants are developed independent of industry supporters.

Independent Leadership
Prohibit society leaders (presidents, CEOs, and editors-in-chief of society journals) from having direct financial relationships with relevant for-profit companies in the health care sector.  

The 28-page code recognizes that CMSS member societies have different organizational structures and may apply its requirements differently based on their unique activities and infrastructure. Further, some societies may choose to adopt policies that are more rigorous than what the code requires.

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