ATV_2008Current awareness for CE providers and medical/health educators, including chiropractors. Notices of new articles and Web resources, and tips and techniques for practising safe searching on the Internet.

I am a Canadian librarian with years of experience in continuing health education and librarianship, and in Internet training at all levels.

Welcome to Anne T-V’s Blog! [Read my welcome post, and some very nice comments from some of my friends.]

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Note: The Yahoo groups have been inactive for quite a while. Subscribe to the Twitter feeds at the left of this page if you wish to follow me.

Click on the image below to see me in one of my favourite places in the world. (In the picture above, I’m sitting on the dock pictured at the top of this page.)

This is what I used to look like ~  atv_graduate.jpg

This is what I look like now ~~ working ~  
and playing ~  SUP_2011

My CMCC Award

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One Response

  1. Hey Annie,
    Great job with the blog. I just started blogging myself and now understand your addiction. You may not know me or remember me because I wasn’t a big library goer. I just want to thank you for all the hardwork and hours you put into the research/library department at CMCC. Your professionalism and attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed.
    Dr. Wayne Button

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