Micronations: What on earth are they?

sealand.jpg  What is a micronation? According to Wikipedia, micronations, sometimes also referred to as a cybernations, fantasy countries, model countries, and new country projects — are entities that resemble independent nations or states but which are unrecognized by world governments or major international organisations. These nations usually exist only on paper, on the Internet, or in the minds of their creators.

Pictured above is the Principality of SealandThe history of Sealand is a story of a struggle for liberty. Sealand was founded on the principle that any group of people dissatisfied with the oppressive laws and restrictions of existing nation states may declare independence in any place not claimed to be under the jurisdiction of another sovereign entity. The location chosen was Roughs Tower, an island fortress created in World War II by Britain and subsequently abandoned to the jurisdiction of the High Seas. The independence of Sealand was upheld in a 1968 British court decision where the judge held that Roughs Tower stood in international waters and did not fall under the legal jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. This gave birth to Sealand’s national motto of E Mare Libertas, or “From the Sea, Freedom”.

conchflag.jpg  Is the Conch Republic of Key West, Florida (“We seceded where others failed”) a micronation?  The Conch Republic was established by secession of the Florida Keys from the United States of America, on April 23rd, 1982 in response to a United States Border Patrol Blockade setup on highway U.S.1 at Florida City just to the north of the Florida Keys. Read more about the Conch Republic.

Here is another definition of micronations, from micronations. net:
Apart from a few serious secessionist movements, most micronations are essentially nation-state simulations, with varying degrees of seriousness. Unlike role-playing games, micronations have real people who compete for fame, fortune and power, and engage in lively debate and entertainment. Many nations incorporate popular sports and economic simulations.
From this portal you can start a micronation, join a micronation, or communicate with other micronationals. Here is their directory and some sample micronations:

Bobalania (England); Christiania (Copenhagen, probably not a micronation; Wikipedia entry);  British West Florida; Kingdom of Talossa (Lake Michigan area); Kingdom of Biffeche (West Africa); The Republic of Lucastan (in the middle of bloody-damn-all) and on and on …

Find more micronations from Guideall.

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