Jargon generators

jargonomatic1.gif The other day I read about the MWLS Random Business Jargon Generator. Just click on <Generate> and see the strange (but somehow familiar) phrases that appear.

I figured there were probably some other jargon generators out there, so I went looking, and here is what I found.

  • Jargon-o-Matic (pictured above): This startling innovation puts the power of plausible but utterly incomprehensible business jargon in your hands. To generate a unique report, click on the jargon generator … to produce paragraphs like this:

    Occasionally, the market enhances brand equity of integration influencing critical mass. It can be seen that a ground-breaking concern is a quick win for the potential industry. Blue-skies thinking associated with innovation is ubiquitous. Furthermore, the requirement adds value, and sufficient life-cycle refinances unbundling. Increasingly, technology strikes the market, but it will take a step change in risk management to outsource a consultancy.

  • Web Economy BS Generator
    Sample phrases: enhance synergistic interfaces; synthesize robust deliverables; transition scalable platforms

  • The BS Job Title Generator
    Sample phrases: Investor Functionality Developer; Future Mobility Manager; Human Interactions Administrator

  • The Educational Jargon Generator
    Sample phrases: drive top-down life-long learning; synergize strategic mastery learning; implement constructivist schemas

  • Leadership Jargon Generator
    Sample phrases: empowered productivity outcome; consultative international allocation; collaborative international result

  • I’ve saved my favourite for last. This is Random Jargon, which presents you with a random phrase and five different ways to modify this phrase.  Outstanding!

  • Check out more jargon generators [Who has time to do stuff like this, anyway?]


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