Friday Fun: Is Flying Funny?

miranda_flying.jpg   Can flying be funny? In the past five years our collective view of flying has certainly changed. I remember the days when for many people, the phrase Fear of Flying was simply the title of a book by Erica Jong. But how times have changed. Now we need humour to help us deal with the new fears …

Have a look at Airport Security Follies, a delightful collection of editorial cartoons. Scroll down the page to read them all.

Or listen to the Bar and Grill Singers’ rendition of John Denver’s  Leaving on a Jet Plane. It’s hilarious. Turn up your sound and click on the first link.You will need Windows Media Player. (Thanks to Sue Pelletier for this one.)

Here is a site I have sent you before, but it’s worth another look: SkyHigh Airlines. Check out the new Free Range Fares, guaranteed to be more random than ever and free of troublesome logic!

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