Friday Fun: Birth dates explained and non-existent last names

moon.jpg  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Sue of face2face should feel very flattered right now. I just read one of her blog entries and found a couple of amusing sites for a Friday Fun post. Thanks, Sue.

Birthday Calculator

You can plug your birth date into this calculator and discover all kinds of interesting things about the day you were born. The site is somewhat limited, however. For example, nowhere in my entry does it say that my mother was watching the Santa Claus parade in Toronto when she went into labour with me, or that one of my feet was born in a taxi. But still, now I know why I love the crescent moon.

How common is your surname in America?

You can find out by plugging your name into this database. Well, my full last name isn’t in the database, but the first part of my last name is number 12. That’s out of 55.000 names! This even beats Moore, which is number 13. Number 1? Smith. I guessed at and found numbers 4 and 6, but I can’t figure out numbers 2, 3 and 5.

Mazmanian is not in the database because it’s not in the top 55,000. So this site is also somewhat limited, apparently.

Here’s an extra, a list I just found of Ten things you should never do on a Friday afternoon. It doesn’t include blog writing.


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