Friday Fun: Cubicle Culture and Cubicle Song

cubicle.jpg  In September 2000 I changed jobs, and with this change came a cubicle. I moved from a private office with a door that locked and a window with a view of a construction site full of shirtless men working in the sun. (Ah, the summer of 2000.) My new cubicle was tiny and I had no privacy and I felt diminished. I can laugh about it now, especially this week when I came across the sites I am sending you.

Have a look at Cubicle Culture

Acccording to the Librarians’ Internet Index, this site from the Wall Street Journal is a collection of columns on workplace etiquette and office culture, covering topics such as office gossip, office parties, friends who become bosses, bringing pets to the office, holiday gift-giving, greeting cards for coworkers, and working with a spouse. Archives go back to 2002. 

One of my favourite articles is about those annoying little quotations that people include at the end of their e-mail messages:
A Friend Is Someone Who Senses How To Sign Off an EmailIncluded in this article is a link to a Web site where you can choose from 4,467 “cool” online signatures, if you are so inclined: Coolsig

[Just after I wrote the above I went to the Cubicle Culture site and discovered a page of responses to the article about e-mail quotations, dated today, June 30. I hadn’t seen this before I used the word “annoying”!]

Just by chance, this week my sister sent me a hilarious song, The Cubicle Song, a parody of “You are so Beautiful”.


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  1. Hi there. Thought you might be interested in this: . Cheers, JK.

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