Holiday Review from the CMAJ


December 4, 2008 update: the 2008 CMAJ Holiday Reading section is now available!

For years we have all enjoyed the BMJ Christmas issues.  The CMAJ publishes a similar December issue, and today the 2007 Holiday Review section appeared online.  This year’s review consists of several categories: Research of a holiday kind; Unsubstantiated opinion; and Auscultations. I especially enjoyed Julie Curwin’s The Goo Tolerance Index.   And check out Table 1 (Interpretation of physicians’ behaviours related to cellular telephone use at medical conferences and localization of frontal lobe dysfunction) of this article.  In addition, I volunteer to be a member of Group 1 in any future CHUMP trials.
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Research of a holiday kind

Unsubstantiated opinion


There is also a book review section entitled Holiday reading.


BMJ Christmas issues

xmas05.gif  Around this time of year I always look forward to the publication of the BMJ Christmas issue. For your viewing pleasure, below are some links to issues of Christmases past.  The essence of the Christmas BMJ is strangeness. It’s our left brain issue.  From A pile of strangeness

1999199819971996; 1995 (Why do old men have big ears?)