Continuing Medical Education in Europe: Evolution or Revolution?

This White Paper was published by MedEd Global Solutions in May, 2010:

Continuing Medical Education in Europe: Evolution or Revolution? MedEd Global Solutions, May 2010.

Contributors: Eric Jean Desbois, Helios Pardell, Alfonso Negri, Thomas Kellner, Peter Posel, Thomas Kleinoeder, Bernard Maillet, Hervé Maisonneuve


i. Introduction and Statement of Need
1.Current Climate and Opportunities in Europe
2. The Impact of CME on Public Health Economy
3. Funding Models of CME and CPD in Europe
4. Identifying Conflict of Interest
5. The Importance, Structuring & Harmonization of CME
6. The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Continuing Medical Education of Physicians
Closing Statement: 10 steps to evolve CME in Europe

From the introduction:
When we first initiated the writing of this White Paper, our intention was to develop a clear picture of the current CME environment and the objective was to create awareness of it by elaborating on the driving forces and barriers posed to the professional healthcare community. Over time, it has become clear that recognition of the importance of CME from our primary audience is a “critical factor for success”, as stated by Thomas Kellner, one of the authors of this work. Therefore, in an effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information and expert insights, we have the privilege of offering you, by means of this publication, an in-depth look at CME in Europe for 2010!

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