Medical Education January 2010; 44 (1) – free online!

The January 2010 issue of Medical Education is now online, and for now, it is free online! Here are the contents of this issue:

  • The state of the science in health professional education
  • On complexity and craftsmanship
  • The value of paradoxical tensions in medical education research
  • Identities as performances: encouraging visual methodologies in medical education research
  • The gross anatomy laboratory: a prototype for simulation-based medical education
  • Patients in health professional education: so much known, so much yet to understand
  • How does research on motor skills translate into clinical skills learning?
  • Medical education and other disciplines
  • To err is human
  • The power of feedback
  • Improving the flexibility and efficiency of testing
  • Self-organisation, integration and curriculum in the complex world of medical education
  • It’s NOT rocket science: rethinking our metaphors for research in health professions education
  • Identity, identification and medical education: why should we care?
  • A critical review of simulation-based medical education research: 2003–2009
  • Active patient involvement in the education of health professionals
  • Motor skill learning and performance: a review of influential factors
  • Cognitive load theory in health professional education: design principles and strategies
  • Diagnostic error and clinical reasoning
  • State of the science in health professional education: effective feedback
  • A primer on classical test theory and item response theory for assessments in medical education

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