CME: ACCP Evidence-Based Educational Guidelines

chest  The March 2009 supplement of Chest (v. 135 supplement 3) is an Open Access special issue devoted to continuing medical education.  From the Executive Summary:
In 2005, the Education Committee and the Health and Science Policy Committee of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) recognized the need to assess the ACCP medical education curriculum. During this assessment process, a proposal was made to evaluate the literature to determine what continuing medical education (CME) tools and techniques are most effective in improving our physician members’ knowledge and skills. It quickly became clear that there was much more to be learned from this effort and that its potential impact could benefit not only the ACCP membership but also the medical education community as a whole.

Below are the article titles with links to full text. For complete citations and links to PubMed records, see this page on the CACHE Web siteSee also Effectiveness of Continuing Medical Education.

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