Evidence-Based Health Care: Open Access Articles

The following articles are available free online from CACHE’s Open Access Library:

  • De Vito C, Nobile CG, Furnari G, Pavia M, De Giusti M, Angelillo IF, Villari P.  Physicians’ knowledge, attitudes and professional use of RCTs and meta-analyses: A cross-sectional survey. Eur J Public Health 2009 Jan 7.
  • Montori VM, Guyatt GH. Progress in evidence-based medicine. JAMA 2008 Oct 15;300(15):1814-6.
  • Eccles MP, Johnston M, Hrisos S, Francis J, Grimshaw J, Steen N, Kaner EF.  Translating clinicians’ beliefs into implementation interventions (TRACII): A protocol for an intervention modeling experiment to change clinicians’ intentions to implement evidence-based practice. Implement Sci 2007 Aug 16;2:27.
  • Jennings SF.  Personal development plans and self-directed learning for healthcare professionals: Are they evidence based? Postgrad Med J 2007; 83(982):518-24.
  • White B. Making evidence-based medicine doable in everyday practice. Family Practice Management 2004;11(2):51-58.
  • British Medical Journal theme issue:  BMJ October 30 2004; 329(7473)
  • David Sackett, William M C Rosenberg, J A Muir Gray, R Brian Haynes, W Scott Richardson. Evidence based medicine: What it is and what it isn’t. BMJ 1996; 312: 71-2.
  • Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. Evidence-based medicine. A new approach to teaching the practice of medicine. JAMA 1992 Nov 4;268(17):2420-5.
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