Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education (CACHE) Web Site


Welcome to the latest version of the Web site of the Canadian Association of Continuing Health Education/Association canadienne d’éducation médicale continue (CACHE/ACEMC)!  This site has been around for a number of years, and was created by Fred Murray of Calgary, Alberta.  CACHE/ACEMC recently hired Dave Jackson, also of Calgary, who has mounted the site on Joomla, an Open Source content management system.

There is lots of content now, and I invite you to view in particular the Web Resources and Online Library sections.

Dave has created a search system in Joomla whereby you can search the links we place on our site, as well as the content of those off-site links.  This is quite extraordinary and provides medical educators with a rich collection of Web resources.

The Online Library is equally outstanding. The question I get most in my work is, “But where is the full text of the article?”  So I decided to create a library of free, full text articles, arranged in such categories as Effectiveness of Continuing Health Education; Physician Competence; Health Provider / Industry Relationship; Reflection in Learning/Thinking/Teaching/Practice; Knowledge Translation: Research into Practice; Internet Continuing Health Education; Evidence-Based Health Care; Rural Health; Journal Impact Factor … and more. Wherever possible there are links to PubMed records, so that users can use PubMed’s Related Articles feature to locate further publications.

This Web site has a decidedly Canadian flavour, but I think there is much of interest here for all medical educators. Soon a parallel French version will be up and running. Do pay us a visit, and be prepared to learn!

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