Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

kaohsiungjmedsci    This is a a peer-reviewed, Open Access publication of Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan. The July 2008 issue contains a number of articles of interest to medical educators:

Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences July 2008; 24(7)
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  • Neuroplasticity and Critical Thinking [editorial by Dr. Peter H. Harasym, Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary (p. 339 – 340)
  • Review Article: Current Trends in Developing Medical Students’ Critical Thinking Abilities [by] Peter H. Harasym, Tsuen-Chiuan Tsai, Payman Hemmati (p. 341 – 355)
  • The Role of Case Presentation for Teaching and Learning Activities [by] Hirotaka Onishi (p. 3560360)
  • Use of Portfolios by Medical Students: Significance of Critical Thinking [by] Samy A. Azer (p. 361 – 366)
  • Reflection and Critical Thinking of Humanistic Care in Medical Education [by] Shu-Jen Shiau, Chung-Hey Chen (p. 367 – 372)
  • Community-oriented Curriculum Design for Medical Humanities [by] Duu-Jian Tsai (p. 373 – 379)
  • Physician Self-directed Learning and Education [by] Masami Tagawa (p. 380 – 385)

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