Google is ten!


According to The Guardian and other sources, including my morning commute radio show, Google turned 10 on Sunday September 7.

A while back I wrote a post on Google history (A little Google history from the Internet Archive) and according to the Internet Archive, Google was actually up and running since May of that year. On May 18, Larry and Sergey wrote: Google has now been up for over a month with the current database and we would like to hear back from you. How do you like the search results? What do you think of the new logo and formatting? Do the new features work for you?

Check out this early issue of the Google Friends Newsletter.

If you feel like updating your Google search skills, check out my Google Primer and Google Scholar Primer.

Sometimes I get nostalgic and use AltaVista, my search engine of choice back in the 90s when we still talked about the “information highway”.  And dogpile is still around, a good choice when you want to cast a wide net. (Or see that cute little dog.)

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