e-Learning in medical education: AMEE Guide 32

This excellent two-part guide was published recently in Medical Teacher [available by subscription]:

Ellaway R, Masters K. AMEE Guide 32: e-Learning in medical education Part 1: Learning, teaching and assessment. Med Teach 2008; 30(5):455-473.

Masters K, Ellaway R. e-Learning in medical education Guide 32 Part 2: Technology, management and design. Med Teach 2008; 30(5):474-489.

For those involved in e-learning much of this guide’s content will offer a review. But its value lies in the thoroughness of the overview of concepts and technology, and the wealth of references to Web sites and published work. For those just entering the world of e-learning, this is an excellent starting point (in my humble opinion).

From the abstract for Part 1:
This Guide is presented both as an introduction to the novice, and as a resource to more experienced practitioners. It covers a wide range of topics, some in broad outline, and others in more detail. Each section is concluded with a brief ‘Take Home Message’ which serves as a short summary of the section. The Guide is divided into two parts. The first part introduces the basic concepts of e-learning, e-teaching, and e-assessment, and then focuses on the day-to-day issues of e-learning, looking both at theoretical concepts and practical implementation issues. The second part examines technical, management, social, design and other broader issues in e-learning, and it ends with a review of emerging forms and directions in e-learning in medical education.

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