Report of the AAMC Task Force on Industry Funding of Medical Education

  The Task Force on Industry Funding of Medical Education has issued its final report for consideration in June by the AAMC Executive Council. The task force included institutional leaders; faculty; residents; students from the AAMC governance; CEOs from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries; ethicists; and public representatives. It was funded by the Josiah Macy, Jr Foundation.

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The report: Association of American Medical Colleges. Report of the AAMC Task Force on Industry Funding of Medical Education to the AAMC Executive Council.  For consideration, June 18-19, 2008. Washington: AAMC, 2008.

From the report:
The Report acknowledges the new policy directions being implemented in many medical schools and teaching hospitals to address industry support of medical education, and it urges all academic medical centers to accelerate their adoption of policies that better manage, and when necessary, prohibit, academic-industry interactions that can inherently create conflicts of interest and undermine standards of professionalism. Although the charge to the Task Force was focused on funding from the pharmaceutical and device industries, institutional policies on conflicts of interest should be comprehensive and encompass providers of equipment and services as well.  Concomitantly, industry should voluntarily discontinue those practices that compromise professionalism as well as public trust.

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