IN-CAM Outcomes Database

incam_outcomes2.jpg  Here is a terrific new resource from IN-CAM, the Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research, an interdisciplinary, collaborative research network, created to foster excellence in CAM research in Canada.

The goal of this database is to include practical and accessible information on outcome measures within a framework of domains that are important to CAM researchers.

Click on the above image to view the Framework of Outcome Domains. Click on a domain and see a list of the measures for that domain. Each measure includes an Extended Details tab.

Here are the Physical Domain measures; view the entry for the Neck Disability Index; click on the green Extended Details tab for more information. (Speaking of the NDI, check out this PubMed search, and some Google Scholar citations to articles that have cited the 1991 Vernon/Mior article.)

There is a great deal of useful information in this resource, and I look forward to its development.

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