CME as a Bridge to Quality: Leadership, Learning, and Change within the ACCME® System

CME as a Bridge to Quality: Leadership, Learning, and Change within the ACCME® System is a booklet published by the ACCME in January 2008.

From the ACCME Web site:

The booklet is a resource to accompany the plenary session presentation of ACCME Chief Executive, Dr. Murray Kopelow, [see p. 68] at the 34th [sic]  Annual Meeting of the Alliance for CME in Orlando. The 22-page booklet encapsulates the essential philosophy and practice of the ACCME in its mission to ensure that continuing medication education (CME) is a strategic asset that improves US healthcare. Dr. Kopelow remarks, “we intend for this booklet to be an essential resource that our nationally-accredited providers, state-accredited providers, and volunteers can use to help their stakeholders understand the importance of CME to an organization’s healthcare mission.” Dr. Kopelow’s plenary presentation and the booklet are the most recent examples in the ACCME’s continuing commitment to support the role of the CME system in improving patient care.

Excerpt from the booklet:

It is a critical time for continuing medical education (CME) to address the competence and performance gaps of physicians that underlie deficits in the quality of US healthcare.
Accredited CME is an essential component of continuing physician professional development in the eyes of the US organizations of medicine that comprise the ACCME member organizations. For almost 30 years, the ACCME system for accredited continuing medical education has provided standards, criteria, and policies that define what it means to be a provider of CME.

The ACCME recognizes that US healthcare is at a crossroads, and that accredited continuing medical education is being asked to provide solutions to bridge healthcare quality gaps. The ACCME system is an essential link between the lifelong learning of physicians and State and Federal requirements for physician licensure and Maintenance of CertificationTM. Accredited CME connects current practice to best practice. Your stakeholders need to understand just how important this role of CME is to the healthcare mission of your organization.

This booklet has been designed to help you take action to demonstrate the value of accredited continuing medical education to your stakeholders—so that we can work together to improve patient care.

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