Holiday Review from the CMAJ


December 4, 2008 update: the 2008 CMAJ Holiday Reading section is now available!

For years we have all enjoyed the BMJ Christmas issues.  The CMAJ publishes a similar December issue, and today the 2007 Holiday Review section appeared online.  This year’s review consists of several categories: Research of a holiday kind; Unsubstantiated opinion; and Auscultations. I especially enjoyed Julie Curwin’s The Goo Tolerance Index.   And check out Table 1 (Interpretation of physicians’ behaviours related to cellular telephone use at medical conferences and localization of frontal lobe dysfunction) of this article.  In addition, I volunteer to be a member of Group 1 in any future CHUMP trials.
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Research of a holiday kind

Unsubstantiated opinion


There is also a book review section entitled Holiday reading.

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