A guide to the Canadian Medical Association Handbook on Clinical Practice Guidelines

cmaj.gif  A guide to the CMA Handbook on Clinical Practice Guidelines (published in July 2007) has just been published in the November 6, 2007 issue of CMAJ:

A guide to the Canadian Medical Association Handbook on Clinical Practice Guidelines

From the Canadian Medical Association CMA  Infobase Web site:

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) published its new Handbook on Clinical Practice Guidelines to promote systematic development and effective implementation of clinical practice guidelines. This document provides updated guidance on how to use clinical practice guidelines to achieve optimal outcomes of patient care. Among its key audience are health care practitioners, administrators, policy-maker, groups, organizations and societies involved in guideline development, adaptation and/or implementation.

From the Guide:
At the fourth meeting of the Guideline International Network, held in Toronto in August 2007, world experts from 31 countries met to discuss the challenges and innovations afforded by clinical practice guidelines.  Although each country faces unique local challenges to the implementation of effective health care, members of the guideline community have repeatedly and generously shared their solutions to these challenges, many of which are applicable in other countries. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for the local implementer with limited resources to harness this knowledge.

See also IMPLEMENTING CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES: A Handbook for Practitioners. Developed at the 1996 CMA workshop Guideline implementation: making it happen

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