Professionalism in Medicine: theme issue from Academic Medicine

adacmed_nov07.gif  The November 2007 issue of Academic Medicine is a theme issue entitled Professionalism in Medicine. Selected titles [titles with links are Open Access]:

Professionalism in Medicine;  Viewpoint: Learning Professionalism: A View from the Trenches;  The Journey to Creating a Campus-Wide Culture of Professionalism;  Viewpoint: Professionalism and Humanism Beyond the Academic Health Center;  Viewpoint: Linking Professionalism to Humanism: What It Means, Why It Matters; A Complementary Approach to Promoting Professionalism: Identifying, Measuring, and Addressing Unprofessional Behaviors; Institutional Leadership and Faculty Response: Fostering Professionalism at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine; Faculty Development as an Instrument of Change: A Case Study on Teaching Professionalism; Promoting Professionalism through an Online Professional Development Portfolio: Successes, Joys, and Frustrations; Overcoming Institutional Challenges through Continuous Professionalism Improvement: The University of Washington Experience; From Traditional to Patient-Centered Learning: Curriculum Change as an Intervention for Changing Institutional Culture and Promoting Professionalism in Undergraduate Medical Education; Putting the Needs of the Patient First: Mayo Clinic’s Core Value, Institutional Culture, and Professionalism Covenant; Viewpoint: Infusing Professionalism into a School of Medicine: Perspectives from the Dean; Promoting an Environment of Professionalism: The University of Chicago “Roadmap”

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