Chiropractor and MD Interaction

jacm.gif  From the October/December 2007 issue of the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management:

Allareddy V, Greene BR, Smith M, Haas M, Liao J. Facilitators and barriers to improving interprofessional referral relationships between primary care physicians and chiropractors. J Ambul Care Manage 2007; 30(4):347-354.
OBJECTIVE: Findings from recent studies suggest that there are poor interprofessional referral relationships between primary care physicians (MDs) and chiropractors (DCs) and this can lead to fragmentation of care. The objective of this study is to identify potential facilitators and barriers to developing positive interprofessional referrals relationships between MDs and DCs.
METHODS: We conducted 2 rounds of focus group interviews on a convenience sample of MDs and DCs. The focus groups were audiotaped, and transcripts were prepared for each focus group interaction. These data were analyzed through content analysis by 2 independent evaluators to determine the key themes and concepts provided by the focus groups.
RESULTS: Both MDs and DCs suggested that good communication, openness to discussion by providers, and patient interest are key factors for developing positive interprofessional referral relationships and implementing interprofessional practice-based research networks. Barriers to interprofessional relationships include lack of good communication between the 2 provider types, bias toward alternative medicine, lack of knowledge or understanding of chiropractic care, geographic constraints, and economic considerations.
CONCLUSIONS: This study identified several facilitators and barriers for developing positive referral relationships between primary care physicians and chiropractors. Future studies must focus on demonstrating the role of these factors on developing positive interprofessional relationships.  PubMed Record

Greene BR, Smith M, Haas M, Allareddy V. How often are physicians and chiropractors provided with patient information when accepting referrals? J Ambul Care Manage 2007; 30(4):344-346.
Abstract: The objective of our study is to document how often MD/DOs and doctors of chiropractic (DCs) receive patient information from referring MD/DOs and DCs and highlight to what extent there is a lack of formal intraprofessional and interprofessional referral relationships between MD/DOs and DCs. A total of 517 MD/DOs and 452 DCs participated in this study. The study results suggest that patient information is not regularly provided by either MD/DOs or DCs, even when making formal referrals to a provider of the same type. This was more pronounced when MDs made formal referrals to DCs.  PubMed Record

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