Managing conflict of interest in clinical practice

mayoclinic.gif From the May 2007 issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings [free full text available]:

Camilleri M, Cortese DA. Managing conflict of interest in clinical practice [commentary]. Mayo Clin Proc 2007; 82(5):607-614.

Excerpt: Conflict of interest, even the appearance of potential conflict, has long been a concern for physicians and scientists. Conflict of interest arises when an activity is accompanied by a divergence between personal or institutional benefit when compared to the responsibilities to patients and to society; it arises in the context of research, purchasing, leadership, and investments. Conflict of interest is of concern because it compromises the trust of the patient and of society in the individual physician or the medical center.
Scenario 1: Selection of Medication From a Menu of Drugs With Similar Efficacy
Scenario 2: Selection From a Menu of Devices With Similar Efficacy Projected for an Individual Patient
Scenario 3: Development of Practice Guidelines and Their Use by Formulary Committees   
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