Free internal medicine case-based education through the World Wide Web

mayoclinic.gif Here is a very useful resource from the February 2007 issue of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings [subscription required]:

Pappas G, Falagas ME. Free internal medicine case-based education through the World Wide Web: how, where, and with what? Mayo Clin Proc 2007; 82(2):203-207.

OBJECTIVE: To identify and evaluate electronic internal medicine educational sources and develop a list of major Web sites for interested practitioners.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: From July 1 to August 20, 2006, we searched Web sites derived from academic and nonacademic institutions, medical journal Web sites, and medical Web sites based on selection criteria, including extent of information, update periods, and validity of the source.

RESULTS: We present a list of related Web sites that have been selected as practical, valid, and freely accessed. Brief descriptions and particular characteristics of these sites are also provided.

CONCLUSION: Physicians willing to augment their education on decision making and advances in the field of internal medicine can consult abundant Internet resources, many derived from leading academic and nonacademic sources. The future may see entire educational courses being conducted on the World Wide Web, unifying the medical community, provided some forms of free access are implemented.

Table 1: Web Sites from Academic Institutions
Table 2: Web Sites from Other Institutions and Organizations
Table 3: Medical Journals With Relevant Rubrics
Table 4: Medical Web Sites
All tables include Source/Web site address/Title of relevant Web page/Relevant Web page address/Comments

See also The Annotated List of Online Continuing Medical Education


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