Why is evidence-based medicine important?

ebm_logo.gif  Here is an interesting little piece from the October 2006 issue of Evidence-Based Medicine.  The writer has summarized a discussion that took place earlier this year on a listserv entitled EVIDENCE-BASED-HEALTH@JISCMAIL.AC.UK.

Glasziou P. Why is evidence-based medicine important? Evid Based Med 2006; 11(5):133-135.

Excerpt: I’m sure readers of the  Evidence-Based Medicine journal have a variety of reasons for subscribing. But most of you would assume evidence-based medicine (EBM) is important to clinicians. Recently Olive Goddard (the manager at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford) forwarded this question to the Evidence-Based Health Care list: “Could you please tell me why EBM is important? Can a physician practice medicine without knowing EBM?” The email list has over a thousand subscribers and many had an opinion about this question. I will abbreviate these to highlight some of the threads, but you can read the full text on the list.

To retrieve the original posts on this question, go to the search screen and type Why is EBM Important? in the subject search box.   Listserv Archives


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