Expert synthesis of the literature to support critical care decision making

jmla.gif A new column presenting case studies in health sciences information provision made its first appearance in the October 2006 issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA). The column will be curated by Rebecca Jerome of Vanderbilt University. The editors invite comments on these articles through its online forum.

Jerome RN, Miller RA. Expert synthesis of the literature to support critical care decision making. J Med Libr Assoc 2006; 94(4):376-381.

Excerpt: In this new column, the editorial team will address challenging situations in health sciences information provision. The column will provide narrative and insight from expert commentators drawn from librarianship, informatics, medicine, research, and other areas that inform the development of a given case situation. This feature will share commentary and practices for a variety of scenarios with the intention of prompting discussion of the issues facing health sciences librarianship as a developing profession and the development of potential solutions.

Health sciences librarians are increasingly being challenged to expand their skills in information retrieval and assessment into the clinical and other domains to foster the integration of evidence into decision making. The current column undertakes a complex clinical question drawn from the intensive care setting and explores the process of searching and synthesizing the evidence for application to a critical patient care decision. Coauthored by a clinical librarian and a clinician well versed in the fields of internal medicine and biomedical informatics, this case illustrates how clinical expertise and a detailed understanding of the literature can be applied. It has relevance to current and future potential directions for advanced development and application of librarian skill sets.
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