Journal of Chiropractic Education: now an Open Access journal

jce.jpg  Starting with the Fall 2006 issue, JCE is now available free online.  As issues are scanned they will be put on the Web site.  JCE is fully indexed in the Index to Chiropractic Literature and has been tracked by Google through links on ICL’s What’s New page. (Here is an example.)

Here are the ICL records for the Fall 2006 issue of JCE, all of which include links to PDFs.

I think that making JCE an Open Access journal is an important step forward for chiropractic educational research, and that having this journal available to all will increase its attractiveness to authors as a place in which to publish. (Here are the instructions to authors.)

Thanks to JCE Managing Editor Bart Green for his work on the journal and the Web site.


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