Research in Medical Education Annual Meeting (RIME @ AAMC)

aamc1.gif  Every year an important meeting for medical educators and researchers to attend is the RIME meeting, which forms part of the American Association of Medical Colleges Annual Meeting.  [Here is the AAMC program by sponsor.]

The 2007 RIME meeting will be held from Sunday November 4 to Wednesday November 7. 

Every year the RIME abstracts are published in a special issue of Academic Medicine and indexed in PubMed.  Here are the 2007 RIME abstracts. PubMed records [coming soon]

Most earlier PubMed records for RIME do not include the abstracts. If you are interested in reading the RIME abstracts back to 1990, you can view the relevant issues of Academic Medicine, or link to the PubMed citations here:
Retrieve RIME PubMed Records 2000-2006

Use the AbstractPlus Display to view Related Articles; use the Citation Display to view full records that include MesH terms. Click Links/Linkout to link to full text [subscription required].


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