Medical Education: JAMA’s annual theme issue

jama_v296_n9.jpg  JAMA’s  annual medical education theme issue is now online: Medical Education: 6 September 2006; Vol. 296, No. 9     
Browse medical education issues from previous years: 200520042003; 2002; 2001; 20001999

2006 articles of possible interest to readers of this blog: 

Interns’ Compliance With Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Work-Hour Limits  Christopher P. Landrigan; Laura K. Barger; Brian E. Cade; Najib T. Ayas; Charles A. Czeisler. JAMA 2006;296 1063-1070.

An Educational Intervention to Improve Physician Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial  Adolfo Figueiras; Maria T. Herdeiro; Jorge Polonia; Juan Jesus Gestal-Otero. JAMA 2006;296 1086-1093.

Accuracy of Physician Self-assessment Compared With Observed Measures of Competence: A Systematic Review  David A. Davis; Paul E. Mazmanian; Michael Fordis; R. Van Harrison; Kevin E. Thorpe; Laure Perrier.  JAMA 2006;296 1094-1102.
Objective: To determine how accurately physicians self-assess compared with external observations of their competence.
Conclusions: While suboptimal in quality, the preponderance of evidence suggests that physicians have a limited ability to accurately self-assess. The processes currently used to undertake professional development and evaluate competence may need to focus more on external assessment.

Mentoring in Academic Medicine: A Systematic Review  Dario Sambunjak; Sharon E. Straus; Ana Marusic.     JAMA 2006;296 1103-1115.

Instruments for Evaluating Education in Evidence-Based Practice: A Systematic Review  Terrence Shaneyfelt; Karyn D. Baum; Douglas Bell; David Feldstein; Thomas K. Houston; Scott Kaatz; Chad Whelan; Michael Green.  JAMA 2006;296 1116-1127.

High-Quality Learning for High-Quality Health Care: Getting It Right  David C. Leach; Ingrid Philibert. JAMA 2006;296 1132-1134.

Self-assessment in Lifelong Learning and Improving Performance in Practice: Physician Know Thyself  F. Daniel Duffy; Eric S. Holmboe. JAMA 2006;296 1137-1139.

Group Writing of Letters to the Editor as the Goal of Journal Club   Alexander J. Kallen; Chad T. Wilson; Michelle A. Russell; Robin J. Larson; Louise Davies; Brenda E. Sirovich; Lisa M. Schwartz; Steven    Woloshin; H. Gilbert Welch. JAMA 2006;296 1053-1054.    


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