Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions Annual Award for Excellence in Research

jcehp_new.gif  For over ten years, an award of $1000 has been awarded annually to the best original research paper published in JCEHP. This award recognizes and encourages superior original research and scholarship in the field of continuing education in the health professions. Below are the recipients since 1995; free full text is available.
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Jennett PA, Scott SM, Atkinson MA, Crutcher RA, Hogan DB, Elford RW, MacCannell KL, Baumber JS. Patient charts and physician office management decisions: chart audit and chart stimulated recall. JCEHP 1995;15:31-39.

Mann KV, Lindsay EA, Putnam RW, Davis DA. Increasing physician involvement in cholesterol-lowering practices. JCEHP 1996;16:225-240.

Toews J, Lockyer J, Warnica W, Morgan J,
Dawson J, Churchill-Smith T. A model continuing medical education program on congestive heart failure: An analysis. JCEHP 1997;17:106-113.

Broclain D, Nivet-Carre D, Barbot J, Nory F, Bardelay G. Quasi-experimental study on the effectiveness of the readers’ test in the medical journal La Revue Prescrire. JCEHP 1998;18:47-57.

Campbell C, Parboosingh J, Gondocz T, Babitskaya G, Pham B. Study of the factors influencing the stimulus to learning recorded by physicians keeping a learning portfolio. JCEHP 1999;19:16-24.

Grzybowski S, Lirenman D, White MI. Identifying educational influentials for formal and informal continuing medical education in the province of British Columbia. JCEHP 2000;20:85-90.

Tipping J, Donahue J, Hannah E. Value of unstructured time (breaks) during formal continuing medical education eventsJCEHP 2001;21:90-96.

Casebeer L, Bennett N, Kristofco R, Carillo A, Centor R. Physician Internet medical information seeking and on-line continuing education use patterns. JCEHP. 2002;22:33-42.

Wakefield J, Herbert CP, Maclure M, Dormuth C, Wright JM, Legare J, Brett-MacLean P, Premi J. Commitment to change statements can predict actual change in practice. JCEHP. 2003;23(2):81-93.

White MI, Grzybowski S, Broudo M. Commitment to change instrument enhances program planning, implementation, and evaluation. JCEHP. 2004 Summer;24(3):153-62.

Lockyer JM, Fidler H, Hogan DB, Pereles L, Wright B, Lebeuf C, Gerritsen C. Assessing outcomes through congruence of course objectives and reflective work. JCEHP 2005; 25(2):76–86.

Harrison RV, Standiford C, Green L, Bernstein S. Integrating education into primary care quality and cost improvement at an academic medical center. J Contin Educ Health Prof 2006;26(4):268–284.


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