Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy [some free content]

jmmt.jpg  JMMT is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of original research, case reports, and reviews of the literature that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of manual therapy, clinical research, therapeutic practice, and academic training. In addition, each issue features an editorial written by the editor or a guest editor, media reviews, thesis reviews, and abstracts of current literature.

Free content from the current issue (v. 14, no. 2):

Guest Editorial Current Perspectives: The Clinical Application of Ultrasound Imaging by Physical Therapists
Online-Only Article Can Chiropractors and Evidence-Based Manual Therapists Work Together? An Opinion from a Veteran Chiropractor
Online-Only Article Concurrent Criterion-Related Validity of Acromioclavicular Joint Physical Examination Tests: A Systematic Review
Letter to the Editor Manual Therapy in Children
Book, CD, and Tape Reviews V14N2

Free content from 14(1):


Manual Therapy in Children: Role of the Evidence-Based Clinician
Online-Only Article Management of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis through the Use of Translatoric Manipulation and Lumbar Flexion Exercises: A Case Series
  Video Supplement 1 – Bilateral Thoracic Facet Joint Traction Manipulation
  Video Supplement 2 – Translatoric Lumbar Side Bending Manipulation
Online-Only Article Acceptance Speech for the John McM. Mennell Service Award

Note: Mac users can play the video files using VLC, a free video player. Download Here. 


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