Professional & Medical Ethics: Internet Resources

ethics.gifEarlier this week I was asked to compile a list of resources on professional ethics. Now I am sharing it with you. Below is a selection of Internet resources in three broad categories. All are free online, but full text of retrieved resources usually requires subscriptions. For best searching results, read the search tips and use advanced search screens where available. (I always do this, but then I am a librarian and I can’t help myself.)

A. Selected Literature Databases

PubMed: Use the MeSH Database (Medical Subject Headings) to find appropriate subject terms [see the left sidebar on the PubMed site].  Search here for MeSH terms such as:
     Ethics, Professional; Ethics, Medical; Ethical Theory; Bioethics
CAM on PubMed [National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and NLM]
     Search CAM to limit searches in PubMed to CAM journals.
CHID: Combined Health Information Database [U.S. National Institutes of Health]
RDRB: Research & Development Resource Base [University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Office of Continuing Education]  Search the medical education literature, particularly continuing health education.
Index to Chiropractic Literature [Chiropractic Library Consortium]

B. General Search Engines

Google Advanced Scholar Search      Google Advanced Book Search 

C. Selected Web Sites

Librarians’ Internet Index (LII)          LII Ethics section 
Codes of Ethics Online [Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology]
Health Care section The Canadian Resource for Professional Ethics Canadian Ethics Institutes
American Medical Association: Medical ethics
BioethicsWeb: The guide to Internet resources for biomedical ethics [Wellcome Trust, U.K.]


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  1. There are three ethics remediation programs available to chiropractors at These are multiple hour/multiple module courses. The three general courses involve sexual boundry issues, moral turpitude and fraud. They are designed for state boards who are dealing with problem doctors. The cost for each entire course is $350 each. The courses are timed and include brief testing sections. The student can e-mail their transcript after course compeletion. More information is avaliable on the web site.

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