Virtual Mentor: American Medical Association Journal of Ethics [Open Access journal]

Virtual Mentor is an online journal published by the AMA is available free online. Archives

About the journal: Virtual Mentor is the online ethics journal of the American Medical Association. The journal is open-access and advertisement-free. Now in its eighth year of publication, Virtual Mentor (VM) explores the ethical issues and challenges that students, residents, and other physicians are likely to confront in their training and daily practice. For this reason, the journal is a valuable teaching resource for medical educators at all levels as well as for doctors and doctors-to-be. Each monthly issue of VM contains original articles and commentary on a given theme—eg, access to care, quality of life considerations in clinical decision making, public roles of physicians, ethical issues in endocrinology, conflict of values in the clinic.

Here are the themes for the 2006 issues:

May Conflict of Values in the Clinical Setting
April Ethical Questions Posed by Emerging Epidemics
March Cost of Care
February Expertise in Medicine
January Ethical Issues in Screening

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