Friday Fun: Palm Mobifest: Canada’s first mobile film festival — really really short films you can watch here

mobifest_logo.jpg Canada's first film festival honouring films that were shot and created for a mobile phone, smart-phone or other handheld device was Palm Mobifest, held last week in Toronto. Festival winners were chosen from a pool of 60 finalists from Colombia, Argentina, Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, the United States and Canada. These films are around a minute long, and you can view them on the mobifest Web site. Turn up your sound!

The festival winner: Regurgitation (Can't pay that huge restaurant bill? No problem. Bring it on, and bring it up!)

The Canadian winner: Swings /Sits (.stationary .mobile .enclosed .free .the everyday experience)

Caught on Treo winner: The Trio (Three misunderstood artists try to make "The Date": a short film about two people on a date with only a piece of fruit to share between them.)

You can view all the films from here.


One Response

  1. I watched all three and it’s official: You Canadians are strange.

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