Academic Medicine June 2006; 81 (6) Supplement

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The June 2006 issue of Academic Medicine is now available online. It is a special supplement on medical education pipeline initiatives. From the preface by Ella F. Cleveland and Ann Steinecke:

We are pleased to bring you this supplement of Academic Medicine. Our hope is that it will add to the literature on medical education pipeline initiatives and highlight the legacy of the Health Professions Partnership Initiative (HPPI), which was funded by The Robert Wood Johnson and W. K. Kellogg Foundations and conducted from 1996 to 2005.

The issue opens with a foreword by Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) vice president for the Division of Diversity Policy and Programs, Charles Terrell, demonstrating the need and context for these partnerships. The next two articles (by Davis Patterson and Jan Carline of the University of Washington and by James Hamos of the National Science Foundation, respectively) present the current scholarship on pipeline partnerships and review the literature.

From The Future of the Health Professions Pipeline: A New Call to Action by Jordan J. Cohen:

As the articles in this supplement demonstrate, HPPI’s 26 programs have provided needed continuity for an entire generation of future physicians and scientists. The projects described on these pages—as well as the many other projects nationwide—have been essential to moving us toward a physician workforce that looks more like the United States, improving the quality of care available for underserved Americans, and helping to close medicine’s diversity gap. Additionally, HPPI’s numerous success stories are testimony to how far underrepresented minority students can go when provided both the opportunity and necessary resources.


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