Transformative professional development: Outcomes of the Inner Life Renewal Program

Here is an article of possible interest, from the latest issue of Complementary Health Practice Review. This issue is available free online.

Kreitzer MJ. Transformative professional development: Outcomes of the Inner Life Renewal Program. Complementary Health Practice Review 2006;  11 (1):57-62.

Abstract:  Health professionals have jobs that are inherently stressful and most have had little opportunity or encouragement to focus on self-care. Over the past 10 years, professional development programs such as the Courage to Teach have been developed for teachers in primary and secondary schools. Reported outcomes include personal and professional growth, increased satisfaction and well-being, and renewed passion and commitment for teaching. Based on this model of transformational professional development, a program was developed for health professionals, the Inner Life Renewal Program. Four cohorts of health professionals have completed the program. This brief report provides descriptive information regarding the structure, format, and process of the program and evaluative data based on program evaluations and participant interviews. Outcomes reported by participants include an increase in self-awareness, improved listening skills and relationships with colleagues, and an increased ability to manage or cope with stress.
DOI Link     Full Text

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