Friday Fun: Advanced Shoelace Tying, Edible Insects and a Brain Tour

[See also Friday Fun: The Archives]   Here is this week’s Friday Fun, and three vastly different sites:

     Visit Ian’s Shoelace Site – Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces
This site is delightful. Besides learning all there is to know about shoelaces, you can be part of the Shoelace Polls: Here’s your chance to take part in some web polls on your preferred methods of lacing or tying your shoelaces.
The photos above are from the Shoe Lacing Photos. You can sort the photographs by colour, brand or lacing method. And you will all be relieved to know that the Aglet Repair section has recently been updated.

mealworm.jpg Consult Iowa State University’s Tasty Insect Recipes  for such recipes as Mealworm Fried Rice and Corn Borer Cornbread Muffins. These two recipes are a little odd; the first one omits the mealworms from the instructions, and the second one’s instructions are rather simplistic: Prepare batter according to instructions. Stir in insects. Bake. 

Take Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour from the Alzheimers Association.  There are 16 interactive slides. Move forward or back one slide at a time by clicking on the arrows. You can also jump to any slide by clicking on its number at the top of each page.


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