Plagiarism: Shameful secret, booming business, or both?

Recently I have come across several interesting sites concerning various aspects of plagiarism. Not to mention some new buzzwords like plagiarazzi and plagiarology. Here is a sampling of web sites:

  • Plagiary: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication and Falsification(a new scholarly journal)  From the Web site:
    Over the past decade, cross-disciplinary interest in plagiarism and other forms of fraud as a focus of study has resulted from various discourse communities having to deal with serious violations of scholarship norms. Plagiarism, falsification of data, and fabrications have tainted the reputations of individuals, institutions, and professions as a whole.
    There are no articles published yet, but have a look here.
  • The pop version of this site, the official command-and-control station for the War on Plagiarism:
  • Index of plagiarists:  Here you can read about famous plagiarists and their War on Plagiarism Threat Level (Did you know that Tony Blair’s threat level is slightly lower than Osama bin Laden’s, but slightly higher than Madonna’s?)

For students:

A Plagiarist is a textual vampire . . .




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