Access to the scientific literature — a difficult balance

This is an issue in which we are all interested … Open Access to the literature. Have a look at this article from the April 13 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine:

Frank, M. Access to the scientific literature — a difficult balance. New Engl J Med April 13 2006; 354:1552-1555.

During the past decade, scientific publications have increasingly become available on the Internet, where they can be used by far more readers than print journals have ever reached. In The Access Principle, John Willinsky argues that since the knowledge conveyed in these publications is a public good, access to it should be broadened as far as possible. Willinsky, the principal investigator of the Public Knowledge Project at the University of British Columbia, is deeply involved in efforts to use technology to improve the professional and public value of research. Publishers of open-access online journals rely on open-source software that this project has developed, which makes it economically viable for them to comply with standards such as those set by the Open Archives Initiative for harvesting and searching indexed items from journals and databases.
Free Full Text


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