Does ne1 e-mail? GAL [Does anyone e-mail? Get a life!]

Yesterday when I returned to work I had over 500 junk e-mails to sift through. I spend a large chunk of every day dealing with e-mail, and when I read news items like the one below, I feel like an old fossil [despite my lovely blog photo]. Perhaps I should get a life [GAL] and learn some of the new technologies …

From The Buffalo News:

When Adam Elder wants to chat with a friend, he grabs his cell phone and punches out a quick text message. If that fails, he tries calling the friend's cell. As a last resort, he might go online and send an instant message.

You know what he never does?

Send an e-mail.

If you think that's surprising, then – excuse our bluntness – you clearly are not in your teens or early 20s.

In that age group, e-mail is now considered by many to be an old-school technology useful mostly for communicating with parents and teachers.

"I've probably sent maybe 50 e-mails in my entire life," said Elder, 20, a busboy at the Buffalo Chop House and a University at Buffalo student. "I hate e-mail."

The tool of choice for teens today is, by far, text message and instant message. One-third of teens are texting now, a recent national study found, and two-thirds of all teens use an online instant messaging function to chat – 48 percent of them every day.

Text and instant messaging, according to young people in Western New York, are better because they are quicker, easier and more casual.

E-mail, they say, is archaic and slow – as well as more formal.

Read the full text here.


One Response

  1. I recognize this trend, but dismiss it as just that–a mere trend. I am 24, and I use email every day. I love it. Text and instant messaging are useful, but email, while somewhat formal and slow, allows one to be creative with words and maintain a little linguistic prowess in the new, abbreviated age. I don’t think email will die out any time soon. It is still free, after all.

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