A Valid and Reliable Instrument: A One Minute Spinal Index

This post comes from Ron Feise of the Institute of Evidence-Based Chiropractic:

An instrument, the Functional Rating Index (FRI), combines the content of the  Oswestry Low Back Disability Questionnaire and the Neck Disability Index in a format which reduces administrative burden. The FRI instrument contains ten items which measure both pain and function of the spinal musculoskeletal system.  Of these 10 items, 8 refer to activities of daily living that might be adversely affected by a spinal condition, and 2 refer to different attributes of pain.  Because many spinal disabilities are most likely a combination of loss of function and pain and/or the fear of pain, employing both pain and function allows for a wider view of a patient's disability.

The FRI has been tested, and the results have been published in several peer reviewed journals (Spine, European Spine Journal, Aging Clinical and Experimental Research). Based on the research, FRI  demonstrates good reliability, validity and responsiveness with chiropractic interventions and significantly reduces administrative burden. On average, the FRI requires only about one minute for a patient to complete and about 20 seconds for a health care worker to score.  Additionally, this is the first instrument that can be used with cervical, thoracic or lumbar conditions, which reduces the need for multiple instruments for spine-related conditions. The FRI is available royalty-free for non-commercial use by solo practitioners and small groups of health care providers.  You can download the instrument at http://www.chiroevidence.com/FRI.html.Reference:
Feise RJ, Michael Menke J.  Functional rating index: a new valid and reliable instrument to measure the magnitude of clinical change in spinal conditions.  Spine 2001 Jan 1;26(1):78-86.
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